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Issue Spatium rounding problems due to file format and UI sideways 38 2 months ago
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Issue Downloading MuseScore_General_HQ extension fails luc.claus.9 21 2 months ago
Issue Double clicking on a pallet item should not add two identical elements SteveBlower 30 3 months ago
Issue Allow exporting scores without invisible items. mike320 27 3 months ago
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Forum topic Fretboard plugin dmitrio95 83 3 months ago
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Issue Re-implement the Album feature for Musecore 3/4 Jojo-Schmitz 20 4 months ago
Issue Broken on-screen rendering of synthetically emboldened fonts mirabilos 32 4 months ago
Issue Metric modulations AKA relative tempos don't set tempo right Jojo-Schmitz 10 5 months ago
Issue High CPU consumption - coreaudiod process on macOS datihein 5 5 months ago
Issue Dynamics/hairpin range for Voice Jojo-Schmitz 43 5 months ago
Forum topic Access to system clipboard ? mrproxxxy1 2 5 months ago
Issue Invert the score colors in dark mode azmeuk 23 6 months ago
Issue Rubato: ritardando and accelerando RobinDesHautbois 26 6 months ago
Forum topic Start MuseScore 3.4.2 freezes on Linux - globalStyle is not defined stephanie4 17 6 months ago
Forum topic Introducing Telemetry in the Notation Software Anatoly-os 239 6 months ago
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Issue [Accessibility] - Musescore 4 always crashes when working with NVDA hhpmusic 10 7 months ago
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