Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Unnecessary time signatures not removed after Undo Soerboe 2 3 years ago
Issue Comma as a shortcut won't get saved gfeuer 20 3 years ago
Issue Switching language doesn't also switch instruments and palettes translation Jojo-Schmitz 17 4 years ago
Issue UNDO doesn't work after hiding clef, when "Show invisible" is OFF geetar 3 4 years ago
Forum topic Redesign of preferences window Soerboe 28 5 years ago
Issue Visible mixer with no score leads to instant crash on startup Soerboe 4 5 years ago
Issue Changing theme version require restart yuyichao_ 5 5 years ago
Issue Allow user to change color of playback cursor mike320 8 5 years ago
Issue Icons not refreshing on preferences change JoshuaBonn1 3 5 years ago
Issue Ability to change color of current note (or element) jim.newton.562 13 5 years ago
Issue Changing theme doesn't show the dialog about applying changes after restarting application Anatoly-os 3 5 years ago
Issue Changing UI theme in Preferences requires restart Isaac Weiss 6 5 years ago
Issue Changes in Preferences retained after cancelling Anonymous 2 5 years ago
Issue Theme UI animation yes/no Thomas 4 5 years ago
Issue Keys Home/End go to beginning/end of text frame instead of start/end of line polarcoordinate 12 5 years ago
Issue Adding lists of contributors in the About window Soerboe 16 5 years ago
Issue Changing default colour does not affect text shoogle 3 5 years ago
Issue Create an album when no score is shown causes a crash cadiz1 4 5 years ago
Forum topic Exposing enumerations to QML jeetee 7 5 years ago
Issue Add search field to template chooser in New Score Wizard Isaac Weiss 6 6 years ago
Issue [trunk] Menu entry "add note" replaces pitch (regression) Soerboe 5 7 years ago
Issue [trunk] With some time signatures and irregular measures, properties of foll. measures are corrupted after saving and re-loading Miwarre 12 8 years ago
Issue Out of range note doesn't highlight when dragging element onto it chen lung 3 8 years ago
Book page Enkeltstemmer Soerboe 0 9 years ago
Issue Cannot redo grace note beam move chen lung 3 9 years ago