GSoC: Week 12

Posted 7 years ago

The actual PR for the improved Explode tool,
the actual PR for the improved Implode tool and the actual PR for the new excerptsdialog.

Last week

The end of this year's GSoC is quite near and I have already finished my work. Last week I was working on the cloneVoice method again and chucked away unnecessary things, so it's a bit faster and easier to understand. Another thing have been some minor changes to clean up code. After this I started my work on my work product page. It's my final submission for Google and will be a blog post here on musescore. This page can be seen from my GSoC project site, so it will be my official results.

There have been some new comments on my forum post and the more I'm writing about implode and explode the more I want to change the names, too. Since it now is not really a implode tool anymore because different rhythms are possible now, we maybe should think of something else than that. The discussion on that will be continued on the forum post.

Next Week

After I have made my work product blog entry I'll try to combine my three PR's and test whether they are working in combination. If not I hope I can fix this until the end of next week.

Thanks for testing and your response,