GSoC: Week 9

Posted 7 years ago

The actual PR for the improved Implode tool and the actual PR for the new excerptsdialog.

Last week

As predicted I haven't been very active last week, because of my exams. Only things were a minor bug fix noticed from heuchi and a new forum discussion on the best fitting name for Implode and Explode.

The discussion doesn't really impact my work, so we can easily change this later. In my opinion (which maybe doesn't count very much, because I'm not a native English speaker) I would leave it as Implode and Explode, because many users already know this tools under the given name and with the new layout (tools is now directly accessible in the menu) it's easier to find. In my opinion the meaning is quite clear but this is the point where I can't speak for real English speaker. Another point for leaving the names is that others are using those names. But this shouldn't be my main problem for now.

Next Week

As always I'll try to fix new bugs and since i have much more time now I'll be able to test my tools in a more structured way than in the last weeks.

My first goal will be the improvement of the Explode tool. Some additional test will be provided here, too.

Then I'll try to improve the cloneVoice method, so it is able to clone slurs and every stuff which directly depends on the selected notes. Maybe I can speed it a bit up.

Then I'll revise my part tool and update the cloneVoice method. Some things are the new style casts and other code cleanups. The PR itself is quite huge, so maybe some more comments are appreciated.

In the last steps I'm going make my documentation for Google.

Thanks for testing and your response,