Tune notes for playback with micro tonal intervals

This plugin allows you to edit note pitches from a selection.

How it works ?

1- First of all, create a score and enter notes without thinking about the sound.
2- Select the zone (measures, on one staff, on more staves, ....) you want the pitch will be changed
3- click on Plugins > Auto Tune Selection
4- In the dialog window that just opened, enter the value you want for every notes you want to change the pitch
5- click ok
6- click on play, you should now ear the sound with the value you've enterred.

I've created a score with micro-tonal notes.

About the displaying :
1- I create the score
2- I enter the notes (with natural notes, and without thinking about the sound)
3- I use the custom key dialog (hit the k key to do that) and create a custom key with a B flat a E flat and a G half sharp (using the sharp symbol with a down arrow)
4- apply the custom key signature to the score (by drag n drop)

About playback and sounds :
5- now select the zone into the score (I say a zone which means it can be a staff or futher staves or just some measures)
6- click on Plugins > Auto Tune Selection
7- Enter the value -100 under the B (to have a Bb) enter the value -100 under the E (to have a Eb) and then, enter the value -50 under the G (to have a half sharp G) then click ok to validate.
8- Click on play and enjoy the right pitch !

What this plugin is NOT
This plugin can't change note displaying. It only affects playback and note sounds !

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