Tempo Copy Paste (TempoCP)

Rev: TempoCP-a4A
This version will copy and paste to tempos attached to different subdivisions within a measure. But! It will need a corresponding note or rest on the top instrument line to attach to. This version, if it doesn’t find an exact note or rest at the expected location, will add a tempo nearby. (A bit more research is needed)

Grabs selected measures info for later tempo mark paste. It will Paste (add into) the measures, where the cursor is located when the [Go! Paste] button is pressed.

1) select the measures which include tempo marks
2) run plug-in
3) click a new area where you want to add the range of tempo marks.
4) press the [Go! Paste] button
5) click in a new area to further add the range
6) press [Go! Paste], etc.
7) Press the [Close] button

Always backup you file before running a plug-in. It may make sense to export to mxl and reimport your file to make sure settings are correct.

This is the Alpha release version. It will allow multiple tempo marks per measure, as Musescore’s interface allows. Please comment on this issue. Should it not allow it? So far, I can’t delete a tempo mark.

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