A fingering notation tool similar to others which use the Figured Bass Notation to display Fingering for Brass Instruments.

This version allows for modifying settings in a dock view and also remove the notation again.

Settings include what sort of pitch to string mapping, hide repeated values and in the future probably more.
A json file can be selected for the mapping and a default is provided, which can be extended (open an issue if you want an instrument added by default). Currently the Trumpet is the default fingering, but Trombone, Euphonium and Sousaphone are also provided. Note that this version of Trombone fingering is not the slide positions, but trumpet style notation. This is because in my band we use this for simplicity in exchanging staffs between instruments. Of course you can change that or create a new mapping file to switch between the two.

By changing certain settings or by pressing the "Update" button the notation is newly calculated. When something of only some staffs is selected, only the selected staffs are updated. This allows for only certain staffs and instruments to receive the notation. When nothing is selected, all melodic instrument parts are processed.

The "Remove" button removes all notation in the currently displayed part.


Install by unzipping the plugin into the musescore plugins folder.

Planned Features:
- Add Letters, including separate mapping file. Option to display numbers or letters or both.
- Maybe add option to switch between Figured Bass and other Text Type options.

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