Replace chord symbols

EDIT2: If you ask for replace 'G#' with 'Ab' (both symbols without a 'tail'), replacement will be global, i.e. all symbols containing 'G#' will be replaced, e.g. 'G#7#11' becomes 'Ab7#11' etc
EDIT: This new version allows in addition:
1. Things like F -> FMaj. Symbols after a slash “/” are not altered even if they match the criterion. Thus Ab/C becomes AbMaj/C
2. Global enharmonic replacement, e.g. Dbdim -> C#dim; replaces all instances of Dbdim with C#dim

Update: Slash chords were not handled correctly.

“Is it possible to do a global find and replace on a particular chord symbol?“ was requested at

This MU 3.6 plugin does just that.

In a plain text editor look for "var replace" and "var rwith" and change the 2 lines with the desired replacement. Enter a full chord symbol but replacement will be global, e.g. if you ask to replace Dm7 with D- it will also replace all other m7 chord symbols. If you run the plugin from the plugin creation window you will see a list of the replacements.

This plugin is brand new & may be buggy. Make a copy of the files you test, but ctrl-Z should undo changes made by the plugin.

The plugin uses smartQuit and 'should' work in MU4, thanks to Jojo Schmitz. I’m not running MU4 so I can’t test that and say for sure.

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