Rehearsal Mark Renumber Plugin

If you like to use the measure number inside of Rehearsal Marks and need them renumbered as you make changes and need an alternative to Resequencing rehearsal marks, this plug-in will renumber them.

This is an early alpha version and has no options. Please comment on changes you may want. Save your file first. Run plug in and rehearsal marks will be renumbered.

It uses the Musescore method of counting measure numbers, including not counting some and creating an offset for others.

The Rehearsal Mark must be there to be renumbered. This does not add rehearsal marks.

When there are more than one per measure, it uses the first found, which is usually the oldest one.

Update: I can set right, center or left justification. Hope to soon automatically reset all the Rehearsal Marks to the settings of the first one, including any alignment change that may have been made. I prefer it slightly moved to the left.


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