MicroModulator is a plugin for Musescore that allows the use of microtones. It efficiently adjusts the pitch of each note (whether in a selection or the entire score) based on its accidental. This plugin is designed to work seamlessly with Musescore version 4.X. To install MicroModulator, just copy the project folder into Documents/MuseScore4/Plugins.


Though the current iterations of Musescore4 support a large amount of microtonal accidentals, some still are not audible especially after playback, the way that this plugin works is that it automatically retunes the notes with a special accidental. All you have to do is write your music with the accidentals that you need, select a region of music, then run the plugin through the menu, Plugins > MicroModulator. If you check the inspector for the tuning values, they should be set to the corresponding tone shift.


We welcome contributions and fixes to this open-source project. Feel free to submit your contributions and fixes as pull requests. For any issues or questions, do open a Github Issue as I am not that active on musescore forms.


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