Just intonation of a single note based on entering ratios relative to another note


The Plugin gives the option of using ratios of all the basic intervals (from unison to major seventh), including custom ratios and accordingly tune the note. two notes are selected and there are tuning options about ratios and which note is tuned relative to the other



How to use

  1. Select two notes
  2. Upon Selecting, launch the plugin and select the option you want, by default unison tuning is selected.
  3. If you want to enter custom ratios, choose the custom ratio option and enter the ratios as numerator and denominator in the respective text boxes.
  4. Select either tune up or tune down (tune up tunes the higher note to the ratio keeping the tuning of the lower note fixed and tune down tunes the lower note to the chosen ratio keeping the tuning of the higher note fixed)
  5. Click apply, and the note selected is tuned.

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