Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
Text editor for chord symbols, song text active 4 11 years
"Old computers (32-bit)" and "ARM-architectures" on downloads page: link to unofficial versions page or remove links active 10 1 year
Different footer and header between needs info 2 1 year
Displaying the Licence in installer is messed up if Opus Function Symbols Std is installed active 3 8 years
Store instrument- and partnames in a language indendent manner active 11 3 years
Expose gateTime parameters to plugin framework active 4 4 years
measures cannot be combined or splitted, if the file already has parts active 8 3 years
Playback in Karaoke mode needs info 8 3 years
Adjustment handles for lines don't scale with zoom active 5 2 years
Allow "staff distance" on first page to differ from subsequent pages. active 24 3 years
Grace note entry active 6 7 years
Cannot right-click disabled toolbar active 2 2 years
L-shaped sign for hand distribution (piano) active 13 1 month
"Reset Text to Style" does not reset "Size follows 'Staff space' setting" active 0 7 years
MuseScore 2.0 Dependencies active 2 8 years
Synthesizer: Hang then crash if you press "Load from score" at very beginning of session active P1 - High 13 2 years
Drums Notation/entry features active 7 9 years
stemlet (stems over rests) active 32 5 months
Load plugins before main screen appears active 0 13 years
Rename shortcuts "Go to previous/next chord.." to mention rests active 3 10 years
Sound not working needs info 1 3 years
Version for "How to.." and tutorials should be additive (like for plugins), not exclusive. active 4 1 year
Percussion: stem direction of note does not obey "Edit Drumset" settings if entered via virtual piano or MIDI keyboard active 7 2 years
MIDI input doesn't always recognize chords needs info 1 5 years
can't choose from all instruments when creating new score active 5 7 years