Harmony analysis tool (keys, chords and harmonies)


This plugin helps in harmony analysis. To use the plugin, you should select notes from a score. The selected note names will appear in the plugin where you can search them for keys, chords and harmonies.

When you want to determine a chord or harmony, you should select only the notes that imply chord/harmony i.e. you should exclude so-called nonchord tones. Use Ctrl + click in MuseScore to select individual notes. Alternatively, you can select both the chord tones and nonchord tones together and then exclude the nonchord tones in the plugin. Use click on the top-left note and then Shift + click on the bottom-right note to select a range of musical notes in MuseScore. Use Shift + click on a piano key in the plugin to exclude its note name.

The plugin shows docked in the left side panel of the MuseScore window. It adjusts itself to the available screen space but you should probably enlarge the left side panel for the best results.

The plugin works only if you are online. The plugin renders the online tool which accompanies the free online book that I'm the author of. The book is here: https://sites.google.com/view/musicalharmonysite/home-page

Here are the instructions on how to use the online tool: https://sites.google.com/view/musicalharmonysite/online-tool (note that you can also use this online tool without MuseScore software)

For plugin developers: the plugin demonstrates how to render an online page and interact with it. Also, it demonstrates how to get selected notes from the MuseScore using the onScoreStateChanged event. The plugin was tested only on Windows 10. It requires MuseScore version 3.3. or later. It was not yet tested with MuseScore 4.

2023-08-18 If you do not see version number v1.3 in the top-right corner of the plugin, please reload the page. On Windows, I was able to right-click in the plugin and select Reload from the context menu.

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