French Beams

A plugin for MuseScore 3 & 4 that creates/removes French Beams.

Before running the plugin

After running the plugin


v2.0 (2023-09-06)

  • The plugin now accounts for surrounding notes when calculating the stem length, sizing stems on the edge of beams or sub-beams appropriately.


Select the notes of which you wish the beam length to change (or the whole score), and run the plugin.
Running once will create French beams, running the plugin again will remove them.

Note for MuseScore 4 Users

If you are using MuseScore 4 and your score has the 'Beam Distance' option set to 'Wide', you will need to set the 'useWideBeams' variable to true.


Download the latest release and move the file(s) to MuseScore's 'Plugins' folder, then follow the standard plugin installation process for your MuseScore version.
Guide for MuseScore 3 | Guide for MuseScore 4

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