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A tiny dictionary:

  • Lookup Italian, French, German etc
  • Search with A-Z (transliterated / romanized characters)
  • Lookup multiple selected text items on score
  • Insert as Expression Text (ENTER), Staff Text, System Text, Dynamic Text, or Tempo text
  • Build-in 1000+ entries chosen based on "terms and signs" in ABRSM theory exam syllabus and Wikipedia Glossary of music terminology
  • Connect to from your computer and update "wiki" entries using automatic data extraction (in WE version only)
  • Light and dark theme (in WE version only)
  • Also run as standalone in any web browser (open the .html file)


The .zip file includes two versions: WE and QML, they basically have the same features, the WE version offers a few more functions, but may not run on platforms other than Windows.

Download, Install, and Enable: musescore 3 how-to, musescore 4 how-to



How to

Entry OR search: match with any word.
Definition OR search: match with any word after d: Keyword configurable
Definition AND search: match with all words after da: Keyword configurable
Insert as Expression text: ENTER. Key configurable
Capital letter / small letter: case insensitive, same result with M or m.
Transliterate / romanize: alternative search with characters stripped of accent, trema, and umlaut. Search ç with c. Search ß with ss or b.

Search for terms containing letter "m" which have definitions containing word "sad"

Search for terms containing word "ral" OR "rit" which have definitions containing word "slow"

Search for terms which have definition containing words "sweet" OR "but"

Search for terms which have definitions containing words "quick" OR "but"

Search for terms which have definitions containing words "quick" AND "but"

Custom dictionary, keyword and keyboard shortcut

Edit .html in the WE version
Edit .qml in the QML version

Old versions

Reference and credits

In .html: one js dependency library using MIT license, and a portion of a page.
The following websites share knowledge selflessly, thank you very much. Please support them if you can:


HTML, CSS, JS, QML (WebEngine, WebChannel)


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None. Contains dependency library using MIT license ,see reference and credits. Do whatever you want to, no need to ask for any permission. Glad to share a link to your improved plugin on this page, just let me know.

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