Dulcimer Tools

Plugins to help produce Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer TAB from a Standard Musical Notation (SMN) staff.

Musescore does not support the odd 'half-fret' numbering convention used by the Mountain Dulcimer community. Indeed, as far as I know the only software to support Mountain Dulcimer TAB is the program TablEdit. If you think in, arrange in, or compose in Mountain Dulcimer half-fret numbering then you most definitely should purchase and use TablEdit. If you are already a Musescore user with a need to produce some Mountain Dulcimer TAB; or you think, transcribe and arrange in SMN but need to then create Mountain Dulcimer TAB for your printed score output then these tools can help you.

For descriptions and install instructions please see Mountain Dulcimer Tools on Github

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