DebugTools using a log file to debug plugins

As i could'nt use console.log for monts i needed to have a new output.
So i created this component to output in a log file.
The better place for a plugin log file is the plugin directory itself,
So i use the current directory /documents/musescore4/plugins/myplugin (to avoid hard expression i gain that directory by code.

Usage :
in modele.qml (my plugin example)
{// One instancie of the tool
id : debugTools
pluginName: "Modele"

   {// The plugin modele is loaded

   {// Check pre-conditions 

       debugTools.appendLog("It runs ...");
       if (!preConditions())
           rBarreOutils.enabled = false;
           rBarreBoutons.enabled = false;
           debugTools.appendLog("Pre-conditions failed !!!");
        debugTools.appendLog("bla bla bla");

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