Daily Log

Allows one to more easily create a daily log score from a template score.

Make sure to first run the configure plugin!

Using the configure plugin you can select the template score to start from and the folder in which your daily log scores will be saved.
Feel free to disable the configure plugin once this configuration is done. The configuration values are stored within the MuseScore configuration file, so a reset to defaults of MuseScore will also clear out these settings.

Creating a new log entry

Run the "Create" plugin under "Daily Log". It will load the template score, save it to your configured daily log folder using YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS.mscz as file name. The HHMMSS part is included to prevent issues and loss of work when the plugin is invoked multiple times on the same day.

Note of importance

This plugin performs a "Save As…" of the provided template score. This means that no content of the template score will be erased (system breaks, texts, clef, key, time, …) compared to when creating a new score from a template using the New Score Wizard.

Download and Install

For installation see Plugins.
Download for MuseScore 3
Should work on MuseScore 3.1 and higher 3.x versions

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