Chord Level Selector

User is allowed to filter chords from a range selection to include only certain levels of note-heads


All but Top (newer ability)
All but Bottom:

Or any literal level between 2-5. These can be performed in combinations, or singly. Singly, keyboard shortcuts will work (but in MuseScore 4 there seems to be a problem with that).
0 Top
1 Bottom
2-5 for others
CTRL+0 / CTRL+1 for selecting all while omitting Top or Bottom respectively

Secondary functions are also provided to build a chord (duration: quarter-note) or a sequence of notes (eighth-notes) from a user defined range-selection into voice-1 to be pasted from the clipboard:
8 Form a chord
9 Form a sequence of notes


There is a known issue with these: because the means to prepare a sequence or chord to the clipboard can end up 'picking up' some notes past a user-defined range selection if the resulting sequence exceeds the size of original range, it will include possible voice-2/3/4 notes afterwards if there is something there. Example:


Notice that it didn't happen when the range included the very chord in voice-2! Best bet is to do this when there are a few empty measures beyond the range selection to be safe, or deal with only one voice, or just be careful and fix it if it happens after pasting.

ISSUE As mentioned, MuseScore 4 doesn't seem to play well with the keyboard shortcut ability like MuseScore 3.6.2/"3.7", so buttons are also provided for forming a sequence and a chord

Thanks go to the original PruneStack plugin for inspiration. Personally, I believe this supersedes the original for MuseScore 3.x by allowing top/bottom/level selection and letting user decide what to do with levels afterwards. There's also a quick "Exchange Voice" mechanism included.

A plugin forum post linked below contains a demonstration or update messages. Since I'm not adding this to my github account, any problems or discussion would be cool at that forum post, even though this isn't the "standard" way to put up a plugin. Hope this helps.

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