Chord Identifier (Pop & Jazz)

This plugin automatically identifies chords in a score

This is a new version of the "Chord Identifier Special V3" plugin. See long list of credits below.


  • Automatically identify chords and write chord symbols above top staff (Like Ctrl+K in MuseScore).
  • Recognize advanced Jazz chords as well as classic chords. E.g. C11(b9/b13), Bb7#5, F7(b9), as well as C, G7, Am etc.
  • Works on entire score, or only on selected notes (if selection includes more than one chord).


Options Dialog

  • Symbol:
    • Normal chord, e.g. C, F7, Gm79.
    • Roman numeral quality level, e.g. Ⅳ.
  • Bass: Add Bass note, when different from root note. E.g. Bb/F.
  • Inversion: Type of inversion notation, if any.
  • Highlight Chord Notes: color chord notes according to their role in the chord.
    • red: root note
    • green: 3th
    • olive(dark-yellow): 5th
    • purple: 7th
    • blue/lightblue/pink: 9/11/13th
    • black: N/A
  • On Incomplete Chords: How to handle cases where not all notes were identified in chord - either color in red or mark as ??
  • Use Entire Note Duration: Whether to consider entire duration in identification, or only when each note begins.



Installation Guide:

Plugin installation

Usage Tips

  • Ctrl-Z will undo all changes at once. So go ahead, try different parameters, see what works best for you!
  • The plugin should work on any selection you require. For example: only the piano part; everything except the solo, etc.

What's new in v3.4

  • Added “On Incomplete Chords” option
  • Improve handling of tuplets (in MS 3.5 and above)

What's new in v3.3

  • Added “Use Entire Note Duration” option
  • Overhauled note/chord traversal so that all notes are traversed from left to right, regardless of staff/voice they are on (this bug existed in several prior versions)
  • Remember selected options between plugin invocations


I started this plugin as an improvement of by Ziya Mete Demircan, who was also very helpful in commenting and checking on my progress.

Prior contributions include:

Thank you all!


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