Chord ID and Roman numeral analysis



  • Identify harmony and add Chord symbol or Roman Numeral Analysis Text objects. To convert chord symbols into notes, visit Chord notation systems instead.
  • Forked from AniMikatamon's Chord Identifier (Pop & Jazz) version 3.4
    • Improved performance on complex and long scores.
    • Cancel at any time, display current progress, non freezing except the score re-rendering towards the end.
    • Fixed bug: wrong inversion when the bass note is a NCT
    • List notes (the bass is at the bottom, other notes are unique but unordered).
    • New action "Repeat with latest settings", it can be assigned with a keyboard shortcut. (Upcoming "Repeat using a specific major/minor.")
    • Issue: this plugin writes a new chord or harmony symbol whenever there's a new note, think of it analyzing chords backwards instead of forwards. It does not understand upbeat and downbeat. It does not "glue together" broken chords such as alberti bass. This (lack of) feature exists in all predecessor plugins. Enable "Pedal tones are chord tones" to include pedal (non-new) note in analysis when a new note appears, which is useful in scores using ground bass, otherwise only new notes are used in analysis at each moment, see picture below.
  • Conventional roman numeral analysis.
    • Extended Roman (ER) notation. Uses both capital and small numerals.
    • In line with ABRSM theory exam syllabus. eg does not write bIII as mediant in minor, does not write IMaj7 as tonic seventh in major.
    • Use diatonic major and minor scale; "7" does not always mean the chord quality "dominant 7", see diagram below.
    • a,b,c,d inversion notation.
    • Fixed bug: 7, 6, 64 ... , They make sense now.
    • Color consistently with analysis (without jazz influence): does not use colors of 6th 9th 11th 13th, see screenshot below.
    • Issue: Dumb / wrong analysis eg In minor key, borrowed chords are notated with natural signs where sharp or flat is needed; Non optimal analysis of root of diminshed seventh chord and augmented chord.
    • Issue: Some notations are not vertically aligned: eg 7b5 , because they are unsupported by the underlying Roman Numeral Analysis Text Object font Campania.
    • Won't explain to your teacher why you work out harmonic analysis as quickly as a dumb Musescore plugin. Keep your harmony brain at kindergarten level.
  • Revamp chord matching / analysis logic, improved coloring, see screenshot below
    • Options for enharmonic chord. (A-G chord symbol only)
    • Color notes using existing A-G chord symbols. (Triangle symbol means Major 7th chord. Use ExpandChordSymbols analysis instead of musescore internal)
  • Improved user interface.
    • Dockable / sidebar version. (Musescore 3 only)
    • Scrollable layout, responsive layout
    • Upgraded to QtQuick.Controls 2.
  • Use of keyboard keys when the plugin window is in focus. (Musescore 3 only)
    • Press ENTER to start, ESCAPE to cancel.
    • Press TAB to navigate, SPACE to press a button.
  • Removed superscript inversion notation, the current plugin coder does not understand it, please enlighten him if you wish to re-enable this notation.
  • Features not planned:
    • Key detection for harmonic analysis (Manual key selection is available now)


Install: how to
Enable plugin and setup shortcut: how to

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Old versions

version 20230302A and earlier: wrong notation of altered 7th chords: CEGBb analysed wrongly as I7 of C Major. Does not color notes using exisiting symbol. Bug: some 7 chords do not display.
version 20230301A and earlier: used the half diminshed 7th jazz symbol not understood by musescore
version 20230224A and earlier: rna has jazz influence. Always replace symbols. No option symbol color or location. Only non-scrollable windowed plugin. No enharmonic chord option.
version 230222E and earlier: rna makes sense only on Major keys. eg the wrong / unorthodox bIII symbol is not used in conventional minor key analysis.

Extras for developers
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GPLv2 (ExpandChordSymbols is MIT). Edit the code, have fun, no need to ask for permission. Glad to share a link to your improved plugin on this page, just let me know.
See credits inside .qml

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