Center Stem-Side Staccatos Over the Notehead

This Plugin adjusts the horizontal position of stem-side staccato markings, centering them above the notehead rather than above the note's stem.
Requires MuseScore 3.5 or later. Obsolete by MuseScore 4.1 or later.


The result after running the plugin


Select individual staccato markings, a range in the score, or nothing at all and run the plugin!

To revert the changes, you have several options:
- 1. Use Undo (Ctrl+Z)
- 2. Delete the chord with the staccato on it, and add it back
- 3. Use Alt+Arrow keys to navigate to the 'Space' Articulation and remove it
- 4. Set the 'mode' variable in the plugin to false, and apply it to a selected range or the whole score.

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