Batch Convert


This Plugin for MuseScore will go through a specified folder and can convert all formats MuseScore can read into all formats MuseScore can write, and only does so when no up-to-date version of the target format already exists.

In its default settings it creates PDF versions of all ".mscz" files in the specified folder, but it saves the last settings used and defaults to those on the next run.


To use the plugin, you must first install it according to the instructions in the handbook for MuseScore 1.x , 2.x, 3.x or 4.x , then:


  1. Select "Batch Convert" from the Plugins menu
  2. Select the in- and output format(s), or just use the default (*.mscz to *.pdf)
  3. Decide whether or nor you want to also work on subdirectories of the one you'll select in the next step and check/uncheck the corresponding box
  4. Browse to the folder containing the files you wish to export
  5. Select "Choose"
  6. Confirm the dialog box that shows which files have been converted

A couple of things to be aware of

  • You may need to have a score already open in order for the Plugins menu to be active. Fixed in MuseScore 2.0+
  • In MuseScore 2.0.1+ make sure you don't have a score open, that you want the plugin to process, because it won't be able to load it then.
  • The scores for which files were exported may be left open in tabs. If so, you'd need to close them manually. Fixed with MuseScore 1.2+
  • These open tabs will be labeled "untitled". Fixed in MuseScore 2.0+ and not an issue anymore with MuseScore 1.2+, see above
  • The 2.x version of this plugin needs at least 2.0.1
  • All files processed by the plugin for MuseScore 2.0+ will be listed in the 'Recent File' menu.

These issues are fixed with the above mentioned versions, and without re-installing the plugin.

Known issues

  • If you're on macOS (and MuseScore 2) and the file dialog for step 4 does not show up, try using the Mac version of the plugin.
  • On Linux you may need to install qml-module-qt-labs-settings


This plugin now comes with translations of the dialogs into German, French (thanks to lasconic and JLWaltener), Spanish (thanks to jorgk3) and Italian (thanks to Shoichi), for all other language settings in MuseScore, it remains English. More translations are welcome, just contact the current maintainer (see below) for getting them included.


The idea for this plugin stems from a question in the forum. See also this discussion about the 2.0 version. It orginally got developed by Marc Sabatella as "Batch PDF Export", then got improved with a GUI, supporting multiple formats, renamed "Batch Export" (and later to "Batch Convert") and ported to MuseScore 2.x by Jojo-Schmitz with help by jorgk3 and heuchi, then ported to 3.x with a hint from dmitrio95. It is currently maintained by Jojo-Schmitz.


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