Provides a basic comments/annotation system.

This dockable plugin stores comments as metadata in the score properties. It adds styled staff text elements into the score as indications. Clicking on a marker should activate the linked comment and clicking a comment attempts to select the linked staff text.

Comments are shown in score order.
Long comments will be shown clipped if not selected/active.
Comment markers are Staff Texts for which the text content equals the ellipsis character ('…'). If you alter the text of a comment marker, it'll no longer be considered as such by this plugin.

Warning: If you manually delete a comment marker in the score and then activate the stale comment, MuseScore will crash trying to select a no longer existing Staff Text. Always use the Delete button from the plugin itself!


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Download and Install

For installation see Plugins.
Download for MuseScore 3
Should work on MuseScore 3.5 and higher 3.x versions

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