Anchors for Dynamics and Hairpins


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Tools to do one of these more easily:

Use one of these methods:

  • Create anchors for dynamics symbols (eg mf ) and hairpins (eg crescendo, decrescendo) by
    • Inserting divided rests at voice 4 of selected notes
    • Optionally make them invisible and toss aside, or
    • Split notes and add ties
  • Provides actions which can be set up with keyboard shortcuts:
    • Adjust each selected dynamics symbols, add hand/staff level mf to each staff's voice 4 if none selected.
    • Clear all voice 4 dynamics symbols only, in the selected phrase


Backup the score BEFOREHAND, also, running this plugin adds a lot of small undoable steps that almost renders the undo function pointless.
Also check out Dynamics actions plugin for more dynamics symbol related keyboard shortcuts, and Soundfont, MIDI velocity and instruments.xml for MIDI CC response in soundfonts.




Download and Install: musescore 3 how-to, musescore 4 how-to
Enable plugins you need and setup shortcut: musescore 3 how-to, musescore 4 how-to
Note: Make sure the keyboard shortcut is not assigned in Preference>Shortcuts already.


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