Alternate Flute Fingerings

Alternate Fingerings is a plug-in to add and edit keys combinations for non-standard play positions, for instruments like flutes, reeds, ...

Keys features

  • Support for the flute family of instruments (wind.flutes.flute).
  • Manage your library of presets, filter by note and accident
  • Full support for open, closed, half-open holes, and more
  • Retune notes from accidentals(*)




Support of MS4.0


MuseScore 4.0 support for plugin is minimal. Many functions like creation of scores, reading of scores through the API are not implemented yet, or have changed.

Therefore, this plugin does not work under MuseScore 4.0.


  • This plugin relies on Fiati font being installed, which can be downloaded here: For windows 10 users: Make sure to install the font for "All Users" or MuseScore (and thus this plugin) won't have access to it.

  • The "Retune note from accidental" feature relies on the Accidental Tuner plugin. If installed and configured, then Alternate Fingerings will use its settings to tune the note correclty.


  • If using MuseScore version 3 then download the plugin and unzip it.
  • Install using the instructions in the MuseScore 3.x Handbook, which typically involves copying the QML file to the local MuseScore Plugin directory.
  • Open MuseScore and navigate to 'Plugins' -> 'Plugin Manager' to enable the plugin. Tick the box against 'alternatefingering' and apply with 'OK'.

Known issues

  • Kingma Sysem for the flute is not supporterd


Icons made by hirschwolf from
Fiati font provided by eduardomourar

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