Accidental Tuner

Plugin Description:

MuseScore allows changing the tuning of each note. However, this should be done manually for each desired note.
This plugin automatically applies tuning to notes in the score altered by accidentals and key signatures. It works with all MuseScore alteration signs.
The plugin is the extension of the Quarter Tone Playback plugin for MuseScore 2.x.

In MuseScore, it is possible to generate custom key signatures in the Master Palette (View → Master
Palette). This allows building key signatures for scales that use altering signs different than the normal Sharp and Flat ones.
Moreover, these signs can be used as accidentals by applying them to the notes from the Accidentals Palette.

Plugin Features:

  • Accidental Auto-Detection: the plugin automatically detects accidental signs and tunes the respective note automatically.
  • Key Signature Definition: although it is possible to create custom key signatures in MuseScore, it is unfortunately not possible to access them in the plugin framework. As an alternative solution, the user can set the custom key signature in the plugin itself in order to notify it of the key signature. More details are given later in the How to Use the Plugin section.
  • Custom Tuning: it is possible to change the tuning of each altering sign and apply that tuning to the notes. The custom tuning can be saved to disk and loaded when the plugin is started.

Please refer to the AccidentalTuner.pdf document for more help on how to use the plugin

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