5 to 117 EDO Retuning & Transposing Plugins Suite

NOTICE: This plugin is deprecated in favor of Xen Tuner https://github.com/euwbah/musescore-xen-tuner, which is a much more powerful version of this plugin that supports almost any tuning and alternate notation system imaginable.

Download the new plugin here: https://github.com/euwbah/musescore-xen-tuner/archive/refs/heads/master…

Read the documentation here: https://github.com/euwbah/musescore-xen-tuner

Playback and stepwise transposition support for almost all edos from 1 to 117. See the usage guide to view the full list of supported plugins.


  • Retuning note cent offsets based on edo of choice
  • Support for key signatures via Key signature annotations
  • Transposing individual notes / selections by 1 EDO step, managing accidental neutralization and corrections
  • Tuning system, key signatures, and A4 tuning frequency can be changed mid score, and different staves may be in different tunings, key signatures, and A4 reference pitches at the same time.

[DEPRECATED] Download the plugin here:

See the usage guide (https://github.com/euwbah/musescore-n-tet-plugins/blob/master/README.md)

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