11EDO Orgone[7] Tuning

This plugin is meant for tuning Musescore playback to the Orgone[7] scale of 11EDO, also known as smitonic (by analogy to diatonic). The plugin alters the cent value of the notes. It's not meant for conversion per se, it's a tool for effective composition of 11EDO pieces in Orgone smitonic. Simply click "Retune!" on a selection, The plugin will retune the whole piece if there's no selection.


Due to 11EDO's very flat fifths (practically lacking in a traditional "fifth" category), generating a scale using a standard circle of fifths approach is at the very least odd. The result is a Joan scale, which is either a 7-note extreme antidiatonic scale: ssLsssL (s=1, L=3), or a 9-note joanatonic scale: sssLssssL (s=1, L=2). Preservation of the harmonic meaning of sharps and flats reverses them (sharps are lower than naturals), and an accidental moves the note by 2 steps in the antidiatonic scale (huge in 11EDO). This is (mostly) a poor framework for composition and reading, but it is already supported by the 5 to 117 EDO plugin directly.

As a result of the limitations of a fifths tuning, a new approach uses the smitonic scale, which is consistent with Orgone temperament in 11EDO. The scale is generated by the (minor) third interval (327.27 cents, an approximation of Orgone's 77/64 interval). By using a 7-note scale, some familiarity is retained. When retuning keyboard instruments, the G# can be ignored, or transformed into G semisharp (from 22edo).

Orgone basics:

The scale itself has the following structure: LsLLsLs (L=2, s=1) A-G (or LLsLsLs C-B). This means that the G# and Ab are no longer enharmonically equivalent. G# is now A, and Ab is now G.

Note Cents ~ Ratios
C 0.00 1/1
C# 109.09 16/15
D 218.18 8/7
D# 327.27 6/5 (77/64)
E 436.36 9/7 (14/11)
F 545.45 11/8
F# 654.55 16/11
G 763.64 14/9 (11/7)
A 872.73 5/3 (128/77)
A# 981.82 7/4
B 1090.91 15/8
C 1200.00 2/1

Orgone harmony is based on the 2.7.11 subgroup as follows:
The otonal (major) triad is 8:11:14, and its inversion is utonal (minor)
The 3 major-most modes access the 8:11:15 triad due to the major 7th degree.

Currently, the plugin can only retune to standard A=440Hz. There is also no support for other Orgone tunings (15/26/etc). This is a direct modification of older retuning plugins.

Just extract the folder from the zip to you plugins folder.

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