Version 0.9.4 can not import all 0.9.3 version files

• Feb 14, 2009 - 11:04


There are some files which can not be opened by the new version . I've get a blank sheet.

I re-intsalled the older and it was working fine. I tested on following OS: Win XP HUN(garian) and Vista.

It seems that the problem is related to the characters not included in the English alphabet, because the rest of the scores edited with ver 0.9.3 were opened perfectly. Please see the attached file.

It can considered a small fault, but it is very annoying fault.

BR, Zsolt

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I found a workaround: extracting the *.msc file from *.mscz. The ver 0.9.4 is able to open these *.msc files.

But this is only a workaround.

BR, Zsolt

PS: And I would like one more strange experience during troublesooting.

1) ver 0.9.3 was installed on computer

2) I installed 0.9.4 without uninstalling the previous version. It was working fine.

3) I installed the 0.9.3 without uninstalling the ver 0.9.4 version. It was working fine.

4) I installed 0.9.4 again without uninstalling the previous version. From this time the MuseScore was not working anymore.
I tried several times to uninstall and to install, but MuseScore crashed during start-up for every trial.
After I deleted all the references from registry I was able to install the software and MuseScore was working again (ver 0.9.4).

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Hi David,

I don't think that is connected to mentioned case:
- I was using the stable releases
- both revisons were installed in the same directory, so only one version was running at the same time

But frankly speaking after uninstall there remained a lot of references in the registry.

The main headache was to convert the files edited with the previous version as most of them included hungarian characters in the filename.

BR, Zsolt

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