Musescore 1.2 opens 2 pages at once ...How to stop please?

• Feb 21, 2016 - 18:51

My more mature pupil uses Musescore 1.2
When loading every project ..Musescore opens it on 2 pages .
I've obviously tried clicking the x on the 2nd open window, but that removes BOTH!

It's obviously a setting somewhere!

I did upgrade his Computer to Musescore 2.0 (which fixed the problem!) but he is set in his ways and didn't take to the new look.

I've reverted him back to 1.2 but this is still happening..

See screenshot..

Thanks in advance!

David Lyons

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Looks like he accidentally enabled the "Documents Side by Side" option. In 2.0, this in under View; in older versions, I think it was under Display.

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