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• Mar 25, 2011 - 02:28

I am using 1.0 and when I enter chords via ctrl+k and then save, close musescore, reload the music, and some chords are gone. This didn't happen with 0.9x versions. I can see that it's not a glitch in display since when I save it in .mscx format, I don't see all the chords in the file.


Some chordnames in particular ? Can you give exact steps to reproduce ? Which operating system do you use ?
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sorry about that. I should know better.
I am on Windows 7 x64.

Anyway, it might be better to attach the file I'm working on.
I tried to assign the chords D (ctrl+k, space to move to next note) on the first beat of measures 5 and 6, then save it. But the chords are gone when I load it up after closing it. I'm not sure how I got to it. The lyrics are in Korean. I entered the lyrics using ctrl+l and using IME.

I tried to create a brand new sheet (using lead sheet style), key of D, 4/4, accept the defaults, and leave the first 4 measures as full rests, enter 4 quarter notes on measure 5. ctrl+k on the full rest on first measure, enter D, repeat until measure 5. first beat on measure 5, enter D, space twice and enter Gadd2 on the 3rd beat. exit chord mode. click on the chord name D, select all similar elements, text properties. change the font to Georgia, check apply to all elements... ok. You will immediately see that D's disappears. But when you save it and load it back up, the chords stay but the font change haven't saved. I am not sure if this is related but I followed the "select all elements, change font" steps in my attached music as well at some point.


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Ah, you hadn't mentioned the part abut changing fonts. That's the actual problem here. As discussed in a few other threads, using Text Properties to change chord fonts doesn't work, because the chord names are generated on the fly when the chords are parsed (which happens when the file is loaded, when a chord is edited). The only way to change chord fonts is to change the default chord in the Text Style, and then get MuseScore to reparse the chords (such as by saving, closing, and reopening).

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Thanks for the info. That's very helpful. I didn't know about the text properties "glitch".
Anyway, I can't even do anything with the current music. I load it up and and if the only thing i do is hit ctrl-k and enter a single chord, then save, and load it back up, the chord is gone. Is it possible that the file is corrupted somehow? Do I have to start over?

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I had a style that I modified from lead sheet from 0.96 version, which I always use. And it does include changes to chord text style I believe.
So I loaded that up some time during the editing of the previously attached file that was created in 1.0.
I did not touch anything in style folder though.

Which file do you want to see? I had attached .mscz file in my original post. I am also attaching the style file that I loaded.

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Your explanation helped - I see what happened! In Style->Edit General Style->Chordname, you've specified "chords.xml", but that's not a valid choice. That file specifies how chords are *parsed*, not how they are *displayed*. So by making that setting, you've basically made it so MuseScore doesn't know how to display chords any more. Set it to one of the valid options - stdchords.xml or jazzchords.xml - and suddenly it knows how to display the chords again. And all the ones you typed previously come back!

And no, I don't know how you were supposed to know about how the chords file work. That could definitely use better documentation. But there are a number of threads here that provide some information.

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