Corrupted, unreadable score with 2.0.2

• Feb 20, 2016 - 10:42

Starting with a score with horns, rhythm section and drum track.
1.: Copied a few bars from a drum part from the beginning of the piece
2.: Went to the end and deleted the content of a couple of bars from the drum track, and selected the empty bars
3.: CTRL-V
4.: BAM, Musescore crashes, now the score cannot be opened.

Using Musescore 2.0.2 3543170 on Arch Linux.

I can attach the file, but it is now 0 Bytes large. Instead, I attached the restored file (from a backup) from some time before the crash.

If you need more info, I'll write that.

Attachment Size
sprism.mscz 168.15 KB


There are known cases in 2.0.2 where a crash the happens in the middle of a save operation will result in a corrupted (zero-length or otherwise truncated) file. This is already fixed for the next release, but from your description, it doesn't seem like this should have happened. A crash during a paste operation wouldn't modify your score at all. Even if the auto-save kicked in right at that moment, that would result in a zero-length auto-save file, but your actual score would not be affected.

So, somehow, the above steps don't seem like are fully describing what happened. Either you actually hit Ctrl+S by mistake so you really were doing a save not a paste, or maybe you hit Ctrl+S after Ctrl+V, or perhaps zero-length file *and* the crash are the results of a disk failure (possible, but of course not that likely), or some other bit of information is missing here.

Looking at your score, I see it comes up in Continuous view. Saving while in Continuous view and with an instrument name (or, perhaps certain other elements) *is* one of the conditions that is known to lead to a mid-save crash. So after the paste, if you by chance selected an instrument name then pressed Ctrl+S, that *would* explain it, FWIW. That particular crash is also fixed for the next release, but it's also fixed so that no mid-save crash should result in a zero-length file any more.

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