Installing 0.9.4 on Ubuntu

• Feb 14, 2009 - 01:26

I'm currently running MuseScore 0.9.3 on Ubuntu. I wanted to download and install 0.9.4 so I followed the links. It appeared my only choice was to click a link to install from my browser. When I clicked, it said mscore was already installed (even though it's an older one).

So I uninstalled 0.9.3 (using the Ubuntu app installer/uninstaller) and tried the browser based install again. It seemed to install. But when I run it, it reports version 0.9.3 still.

Now what?



I was just install Ubuntu 8.10 and after that install Mscore (click in browser for Ubuntu instalation)
...And I got version 0.9.2 build 888!!

Build from source was unsucessful.
I try to build foowing that link..

The error was in make revision. But I ignore that and procced to make..
Progres goes with a few warnings till reach about 30% completion and then report error.
I don't remember exactly the error message but it was something with missing ";"

So how to get latest (0.9.4) on Ubuntu?


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