compile failure "Illegal t1 key..."

• Feb 14, 2009 - 01:15

I'm having a nest of trouble trying to compile mscore on a kubuntu hardy ppc distro. (mscore 0.9.4, and mscore 0.9.5)

Not only the t1 key error, but a complete failure to see jack, alsa, or anything else.

program compiles reasonably, with the Qscript options set to false, but as soon as i attempt to change anything in preferences, it seg faults, with a pile of Qobject failures. (and cmake sees Qt4.4 ok, so that's ok.)

I will admit i'm getting slightly frustated with this, as i've spent a week trying to sort this out, but if anyone can see anything obvious in this, i'm all ears for one last try. I'm on the road at the moment, and using other apps instead (RG and Denemo), so all is not lost.

I get an additional error when starting up with 'Soundfont file size mismatch" which i've never had in mscore before, and am totally mystified by.

Jack 0.116
Alsa 0.1.17

All the other usual apps run fine, if that helps. (RG, Denemo, Ardour, Muse, Linuxsampler, Jconv, Aeolus, Timidity, Fluidsynth, etc....)



I'm going to leave this for a while, as i wonder if the PPC architecture is making things worse, in terms of compiling correctly.
So please don't treat this as a priority, or waste time on it. I'll use something else on the laptop.


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