Creation questions

• Feb 19, 2016 - 14:09

Don´t know where to put it.

1) I´d like to know hwo to put 1 half note (C1 for example) and 1 quarter note (D1 for example) once. So they will appear as same just they will appear a different lenghts
2) Is it possible to make a repeated takts while using the symbols and not the barline?
3) Is anyone having the full part 4 of beethoven sinfony 9?
4) // already 36 favourited!!
5) Is there a way to save being logged automatically in in [[]] without logging in every time. Just opening another Url and come back logs me out.
6) How to make symbols will make some parts of the sheet appearing fatser then slower (any way or is this even a suggestion?)
7) Is there any way to appear music with pedal without using (LINES > PEDAL LINE) With text or the notes will appear with pedal without using the pedal line.

Thats all for now! Thank you for answering!

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About your 5) . Since I access via RSS in Thunderbird, I found that clicking at the forum link at top of your first post (see below) open the adequate forum without need to login (presumably handled by some cooky), and the thread is among the first ones.

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Creation questions
Posted by TokOut on February 19, 2016 - 2:09pm

7) if you mean, you want the music to playback as if there were pedal, but you don't wish the pedal lines to appear in the score, just add the pedal lines and mark them invisible - press "V" after selecting to make anything invisible (or use the Inspector). You can also use the markings with the "Ped" and "*" markings that already have the line portion made invisible.

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