Extended use of the voices

• Feb 19, 2016 - 08:35

Most of the time I notate gospel choir scores and use one staff for SA and one for TB. Sometimes even just one staff for SAT. I'm trying to make the shift from Finale and I would love if there were more possibilities when working with voices. Here are some examples:

- Enter some notes in a chord in voice 1, some in voice 2 and some in voice 3. Now they are totally separate notes. I can't remember if it's possible to do this in Finale.
- Copying content from voice 1 (S) to voice 2 (A). Then I'd like to be able to transpose voice 2 down some/move the notes of voice 2 down some to be the basis for the alto.
- An easier way of playing/muting selected voices. I use that for reahearsal of individual voices and to facilitate arranging. Now I use Right click>Select>More...>Same voice>Play checkbox in Inspector.


Which reminds me...we could do with a new keyboard shortcut action for "Toggle note play" (which perhaps more logically should rather be labelled "mute" with default left unchecked) - in the same way that we already have Toggle note visibility with "V". Might be worth checking a current nightly to see whether it's already been added - sadly no time here to check the nightlies ATM...

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There is no shortcut for this, nor is there a command that could optionally be assigned a shortcu. It's not going to be nearly as often used as toggling visiblity for most people, so I doubt it would ever get a shortcut by default (shortcuts are kind of in short supply!) but it could eventually be made into a command that you could customize yourself.

I don't understand your first request. What specifically are you asking for that is different from what is possible now? The whole point of multiple voices is to *not* have them be a single chord. If you a single chord, you can simply enter the notes that way. If the pitches and rhythms coincide, the noteheads are already merged as they should be.

For the second, this is already possible. Select the content of voice 1, Ctrl+C to copy, then Edit / Voices / Exchange Voice 1-2 to move voice 1 into voice 2, then transpose as desired, then Ctrl+V to paste the content back into voice 1. You can also use the Select Filter to select just voice 2 at any time.

Regarding the third request, yes, a way of controlling the playback of voices via the Mixer is definitely recognized as something we'd like to see happen at some point.

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To be clear, what I described to copy between voices is exactly one more step than what you describe, so I wouldn't say it could *much* easier. The only additional step is the voice exchange, and it can be done in a single click if you assign it a keyboard shortcut in Edit / Preferences. So it's literally three clicks - the copy, the exchange, then paste.

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