Select all/Deselect all in Selection Filter

• Feb 19, 2016 - 08:01

I think there should be options to select and deselect all checkboxes in the Selection Filter. We're all used to that in similar cases with long lists of checkboxes.


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Naming the two states with a slash between them is confusing for a checkbox, and "Select All" already has a completely different meaning. Other than that, your second mockup looks right to me. What about calling it "Include in Selection"?

I know it's been up before, and maybe I should have commented one of these instead of making a new feature request. All the same it's an important feature, because it makes life easier.

Did I write "life"? Yes, I did.

Two thoughts:
1) Another possibility could be a control that turns off the filter but leaves the state of the controls. Later on you could turn it on again and continue with your former filter.
2) For me it's surprising that the function of the filter persists even when the filter is closed. During my work it happens that MuseScore acts strange when I try to select something and only at last I remember the filter. I prefer that the filter is turned off when closed. But I don't know if anybody needs the function of the filter when it's closed.

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