An improvement to Musescore which I think needs to happen

• Feb 15, 2016 - 23:59

Hi there,

I'm very happy with Musescore in general. There is one thing in specific which would make me a ton happier about it and make me recommend it to all my friends: I've lost two scores now because, as I just learned, if you save your score a certain, incorrect way, the system will not warn you, will 'save' your file, and then it is not actually saved.

I will explain what the 'incorrect' way is: if you save a file like this "Asst5.a" then the system saves it as an "A File" or if you save it as "Asst5.b" then it says it's a "B File", but then when you try to open it, it will not open.

This may be a silly mistake, but with other, user friendly programs like Word, the system will warn you if you have saved your file in an incorrect way. If you fix that, I'd be pleased.

Please confirm that someone is looking at this :)


If I understand you correctly, then your file *is* saved; it's just saved under a name that MuseScore can't open directly. But all you have to do is rename it and MuseScore will oepn the file just fine. Which is to say, if that's what happened, your two scores aren't lost at all - they just need to be renamed.

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It would be nice if MuseScore would check the extension when saving. For example, when saving check if the filename end with .mscz (or .mscx depending on the filetype selected) and if not just add this extension. MuseScore already adds the extension when none is specified, just not when a . is used in the filename. Many other programs work like this as well and will make life easier and not force a user to remember a . should not be used.

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Thanks for that. Indeed, it is saved. But to be more user friendly, I think the program should not allow me to save it in an incorrect manner. For us tech dummies, anyways, it's very scary to not be able to open a file which we saved incorrectly.

Again, thanks :)

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