Crash on edit?

• Feb 12, 2009 - 10:17

I'm just novice and program crashes on begining.
I use:
XP sp2
Mscore 0.9.4 b1518

Whne I create new score (click on icon new score)
.. enter names, One instrument and G key, time signature as defaultt...
... new score is created..

Then I press C key in keyboard (nothing happend)
And now just click with left mouse inside blue rectangle and voila crash..



How fast fixes are available? As I see 1518 is last.
Some subversions? How to get / use one?
I that compiled or I must do that alone?


You can compile yourself if you want. From what I understand the this is fairly straight forward on Linux but complicated on Windows. See the developers handbook for details.

However I would recommend using the precompiled prereleases that come out every one or two weeks on average.

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Today I try to compile 0.9.3 folowed instructions from
with success...

But I'm not sure that instructions are same as few days ago. (I'm sure that prev. inst. has something like make revision) and today that's are omited.

Right now I start with compiling 0.9.4 to see result. As I do tests on old spare laptop I can go to pizza not just to coffe in make process :)
I will report how 0.9.4 succes.

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0.9.4 Compiled succesfully on XUbuntu 8.10

..just playing wrong instrument
I have same sf2 fonts installed on win and linux. On Win sems all ok. On linux plays only piano.

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Also on Windows, MuseScore plays piano only with the standard soundfont, so this is the expected behavior.
Can you share why the compilation works out now, compared of your first try outs?

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I try to compile two day's ago with no succes..

I use Old Compaq nx9005 for experiments.
So I make fresh install of Ubuntu
I folowed all steps for make mscore from source
..done with error.
I try with reformating and fresh install of Xubuntu
I folowed all steps for make mscore from source
..done with error. something with missing ";" as I remember

Today I retry with installation of Xubuntu
I folowed all steps for make mscore from source and works.

I can't check if tarbals are same (was downloaded from same source)
but I'm sure that something was changed in manual how to make mscore on ubuntu.
I'm sure that version invoke line something like "instal revisions" and in today version that is missing.
I remember that beacouse there are error popup that something on cmake is wrong.

However this seems done for now.
Now I should learn how to make from SVN (doh' time hear on that), so you can know that I'm novice on that.

About fonts..
In both systems I use MagicSFver2.sf2 and are setup in
edit>preferences>I/O and then program restarted.
On Win Is Ok On Linux only piano play (all instruments as piano)

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I just find funny thing.
I play example bach-bc2 as there is more instruments.
In linux I hear all voices as piano.
When checking mixer (F10) I see all sounds sets as grand piano. I'm manualy set each instrument and works.
But when rerun mscore all are back on grand piano! Is that bug?

On windows in mixer I can't change anything (but I don't need as sounds are ok)

.. this is now far away from topic soree.

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Better to start a new post bc it is indeed off topic. Thx for sharing your experience regarding the compilation! It's clear MuseScore needs some work to get its development environment more stable.

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