Entering Chord Diagrams

• Feb 5, 2016 - 17:07

Pardon me if this has been requested before.
As it stand now, you need to select a note and double click on the diagram to insert or drag and drop the diagram. It seems to me, it could be simpler to select the chord and double click on the diagram to insert. This also, would make an easier task to enter diagrams where multiple chords to added to half, dotted half and whole notes.


I found it necessary to resubmit this request. There was no response when it was first posted but another issue has arisen in reference to placement of chord charts. My initial request still stands.

It would be helpful if the Fretboard Diagram Properties would retain it's position when entering the next diagram. If this can't be done, for whatever reason, can you make the Navigator operational when the Fretboard Diagram Properties box is open? In the attached image you will see the Properties box was moved to the left to expose the diagrams. When the properties have been entered it resolves to it's default position and has to be moved again to expose the next diagram.

As it relates to my original post, note that the 3 quarter rest in measure 9 had to be changed to individual quarter note rests in order to attaché the chord diagrams. Thus, the request to select the chord name, then double click the palette chord diagram to insert it in it's position.

I have also attached the score. Note: the attached score is for the purpose of software development only.

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No offense intended here Marc but perhaps you should read my post once again.

Quote: "I'm not sure I understand your point about the dialog. What exactly is it you need to be seeing while entering a new diagram? If you are trying to look at an existing one to copy it manually, why not simply use copy and paste, or better yet, add it to a custom palette?"Quote

I'm not trying to duplicate chord diagrams. I want to make the process of entering these diagrams a simpler process. When four chords exist in one measure, the Fretboard Diagram Properties box has to be moved on each chord entry(see attached image). It would be nice to have the box retain it's moved position after the first chord entry. I know I can close Palettes and Inspector to create room but this again creates additional steps.

Also, what about my idea of entering the chord diagram by selecting the chord name and double clicking on the chord diagram in the palette?

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I read your post again but I'm afraid I still don't understand. You say you are moving the dialog left "to expose the diagrams", but I don't understand which diagrams you are needing to expose or why. While you are entering a diagram into that dialog box, why do you need to see anything else at all? As far as I can, the entire screen could go black except for the chord you are entering and it wouldn't change how you entered the chord. I guess if you forgot to look at the chord symbol before editing the diagram, you might not remember what chord you are trying to enter - is that your point? If so, then simply displaying the chord symbol name within the dialog would do this as well, would it not, Actually, it would be better, I think, because simply remembering the previous position of the dialog is no guarantee it won't be in the way of the
next chord you enter - that next chord might well be right where you mvoed the dialog to in an effort to avoid the *previous* chord. Or am I still misunderstanding something>

As for the ideas about entering the diagram by selecting the chord name, that is why I directed you the other thread - there are proposals to implement some sort of connection between fretboard diagrams and chord symbols, so I was thinking you might want to take part in that discussion and add your ideas, see what others have already suggested, etc.

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