How to delete a piece of text over the staff, the shortcut/path to which I can't find

• Feb 4, 2016 - 00:07

SOS: I have this assignment due on Friday!

I have the score attached. See the text " *A/a is pronounced as 'uh' "

I wrote that a few days ago, have added a bunch of material since then, and now it's in an awkward place. It should go on the bottom left. But I can't figure out where I attached that text to, that is, which measure I attached it to.

I should have attached it to measure 13, if I were organized, but I wasn't. Can anyone save me here?



FYI, this happens if you drag an element so far out of position that it ends up on a different page than the element to which it is attached. One should not be doing that. It's importat to attach text to the actual measure you wish it to appear near. Also consider using text frames rather than staff text if the text need not appear in conjunction with a specific measure.

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