Quirky frames

• Mar 8, 2011 - 23:14

Me again... I'm having a heck of a time with frames. I have--for myself--the entire arrangement. I have used the File -> Parts option to break it up for the different instruments. I have finally finaggled my way through frames to set up my lyrics in two columns at the bottom, even though inserting two horizontal frames in a vertical frame put them on top of each other--almost fifteen minutes it took me to edit the fonts and somehow move one frame over. Incidentally, the only way for me to right-click on an HFrame is to right click on something else, and then immediately after that to right click on the HFrame.

Thanks to Marc I now know how to marquee select, so I'm trying to select all these frames--the vertical frame, and the horizontal frames that each have a text frame attached to them. I hit copy, and move to the next page, hit paste and... nothing... it won't let me copy these frames from page to page. I'd hate to think I have to go through that

I'm putting this under support and bug reports, but it's also a feature request--can you make frames easier to handle? Maybe even put in the standard 8 handles for resizing (all 4 edges and all 4 corners)? I'd hate to have to repeat that same 15 minute routine 6 more times...! :-(

Otherwise, as I keep saying, a phenomenal piece of software.

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