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• Feb 2, 2016 - 02:36

So I downloaded the Sonatina Orchestra Soundfont, and after hearing all the instruments as piano and other weirdly wrong sounds, I went through each one in the mixer and switched it, which took a long time. Then, after finishing this process on all 3 of my songs, my laptop died, and when I turned it back on, The music had saved, but all the instrument sounds were wrong again. I really really really do not want to spend an hour and a half switching back all my sounds, so is there a faster way to do this? Also, will it save the sounds when it saves the music?


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I can only assume that the recovered document was from before you had changed the Mixer settings. if you do go through them again, save the score, and use the "Set as Default" button in the Synthesizer, then the score will have the same sounds when you reopen it.

A faster way to switch sounds in the Mixer: Click the dropdown list and quickly type the first few letters of the patch you want.

Danielle, didn't you reconfigure Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra for GM compatibility?

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Typing the letters does help, thank you.
I quit musescore after saving my music and making sure it was set to default on the synthesizer, and then when I opened it again, after re-fixing all my sounds, they all went back to piano!!!!! I AM SO FRUSTRATED. I opened the synthesizer and it said the default was still sonatina. Why why why why why

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did you used the "Save to Score" button of the "Synthesizer" dialog? I use it routinely with scores where I mixed soundfonts (including Sonatina) and adjusted the instruments via the Mixer, and it saves all settings (including the Mixer settings), and it reloads wihout problem.

I uploaded the sonatina orchestra and set it to default with the set default button with the two other soundfonts I have. I hit save to score too. Then I went through and changed the individual instrument sounds for each song. Then after I closed musescore (and saving my pieces) I opened it and everything was back to weird piano sounds.

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Also, try press the "save to score" after changing sounds in the mixer, not before. Attached a simple score with the 2 Fluids and Sonatina, saved to the score. On reload (using "Load from Score" too from the Synthetiser) the violins should be from Sonatina.

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Yes, that is my diagnosis as well.

Incientally why are you using an outdated version of FluidR3?

That 2.2 version was the first version that I tweaked back in 2013 to fix a problem with the violin.

There have been many bugs fixed and improvements made since then, some of which were breaking audio engine in MuseScore 2. Do not let the name FluidR3Mono put you off - it is a stereo soundfont, but the samples for monophonic instruments have been converted to mono to save download bandwidth, and it was renamed as such to distinguish it from Frank Wen's original work.

So just to recap - make sure that SSO is at the top of the list, otherwise MuseScore can default to whatever is already at the top.

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