Changing Lead Sheet to Another Instrument

• Feb 1, 2016 - 15:45

I've searched the handbook for this process with no success. Maybe I missed it.

I have a lead sheet written for piano. I want to change it to trombone. I don't want to add an instrument just change it. I've been able to do it but am not sure if it's the easiest of methods.

I select all and copy. Edit>Instrument, add trombone and remove piano. Paste and transpose an octave down.

Is this the best/correct/easiest way?


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Trombone of course is normally at concert pitch, so there is nothing to see there when you change instrument from piano to trombone. But if you do change to a transposing instrument, it *does* change both the transposition and, correspondingly, the key. It does not change the clef because that can change over the course of the piece, but you can change the clef yourself easily enough.

The fact that you happen to want the music an octave lower to fit the range of the trombone is not a transposition issue. Trombone is not a transposing instrument, so it doesn't *require* music to be written an octave lower. It's just your particualr melody that happens to be too high as written. So indeed, if your particular melody is written too high for trmobne, you may want to move it down an octave. But any transposition actually required for the instrument *is* done automatically.

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