Surface, resoluton, size of palettes etc

• Jan 31, 2016 - 06:02

I run Musescore on my MacBook, but recently installed it on my Surface Pro 4. Because of the high resolution, the toolbar fonts, palettes etc. are all very small. I have, one-by-one resized the palettes and their contents and used the Style setting in Preferences, but is there anything else I can do or a quick way of doing all this? or recommended settings?
I do not know Windows 10 much but have had to change the Display settings a little for other programs to increase the size of the words in the menus.

Any other suggestions?


The nightly builds should indeed be better. Meanwhile, for 2.0.2, you can use the "-x" option to specify a scaling factor that will be applied to the score itself as well as icons and some other GUI elements. Eg, "-x 2.0" to scale everything twice as big.

Thank you both of you for your replies. I do not want to try a nightly-build in case it would be unstable in some way.
Marc, your suggestion, where do I do this?

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The nightly builds for 2.0.3 should actually be quite stable, but in any case, the option I mentioned is added to the command line when starting MuseScore. So assuming you are starting from a program icon, you would edit the properties of the icon and find where it gives the command line, then add that option.

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Yes. I'm no expert on Windows, but I do think you should probably add a space, then "-x 2.0" (without the quotes), after the closing quote in "Target". That would double the size of those GUI elements tht might typically need scaling. Or try other values if 2.0 seems to big or not big enough.

Thank you for your replies. I have it working at 1.6 although the palette names are still very small but manageable.

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