bug of playback rythm after swithing notes via shift+arrow

• Jan 31, 2016 - 04:53

In the attached file, I modified the 4th tact via keyboard shortcut: Shift + arrow
(see help: Exchange last entered note with the note before it
This edit also affected the tact number 5, which
I did want to have been modified at all.

Even more, I do not know how to repair this. Only to delete it, and write anew.

With a great respect for all the authors of Musescore.


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rythm_bug.mscz 10.63 KB


This bug was discovered recently, and fixed for the next release by disallowing the operation if the durations don't match.

Meanwhile, the solution is to switch the notes back the way they were or to delete them and re-enter them.

In reply to by Marc Sabatella

Dear Mr. Sabatella,
The switching is very good idea especially with notes with different duration.
I think it would be fully satisfactory, after the move just to reset duration of the whole tact according to new appearance. I mean as if copy tact, erase note, insert new appearance.
Of course if it is possible.
I corrected notes from midi keyboard and some of them where shifted by 1/16th left right away from the rest of the chord, so moving them left or right would be really helpfull.

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