Won't DC or DS right on a system break

• Jan 28, 2016 - 04:01

For some reason, the program won't let me put any sort of DC or DS on the same measure I put a system break on. This isn't only on one score, either; it seems to be a recurring problem. I've uploaded a short example to demonstrate the problem. Seeing as it's customary to use a system break to set up a coda, this is a bit of a problem, as it's a bit difficult to properly use a DC or DS al Coda if you can't format the coda properly. Of course, one can simply use a line break instead, but that's not quite proper, format-wise. Can we look into this?

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To say it another way: line break *is* system break. There is no other system break, and there is no sense in which they would mean different things in MuseScore.

The symbol you were using is a section break, meant to be placed between *movements* of a piece, or separate pieces within a single file.

In any case, your DS and DC both show up just fine for me. Maybe you mean there is a glitch with their playback in certain cases? I believe there may have been a bug fixed in this area since the release of 2.0.2.

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