Changing the octave in Concert Pitch without changing it in "normal" pitch

• Feb 8, 2009 - 22:48

A sheet for Tenor Sax changes in concert pitch to the C tuning one octave lower. Is it possible to transpose the sheet in concert pitch one octave higher (with a 8 under the clef) without changing the octave in the non-concert pitch? It is easier to read ;)
I'm no experienced user of notation-software, so I don't know, if this is of interest.

I hope, this is not too difficult to understand, my english is not very well...


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Yes, that's it.

I tried to write some voicings for horn-section while playing in a cover-band.
So, I wrote them in concert pitch as it is easier to see the harmonies. When switching back to transposed pitch to get the sheets for the single instruments, I had to change the octaves manually to read it.

But, to be honest, that was quite some time ago since I did this. A quick test showed, that there has been some improvements since 2009. ;)

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Yep. And my comment in the issue report applies well here - just use the treble clef with the 8 underneath it while in concert pitch. Yes, that means switching back to regular treble clef for transposed mode, at least until if/when having separate clefs for the different modes is supported. It kind of works in nightly builds for 2.0, but it's not an ideal implementation. Meanwhile, for 1.2, I usually enter all my music in concert pitch mode after changing to treble-8 clef, then before extracting parts and/or printing the score I hit the tranpose button and change the clef back to treble. I rarely switch back to concert pitch after that, but if I need to (to make significant edits, say), I'll either live with the bad octave or switch clefs again.

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