New home for my MuseScore soundfonts

• Jan 18, 2016 - 10:58

I have been planning for some time to regularise the diversity of homes for the various MuseScore soundfonts I am maintaining.

To that end all of them have now been moved to the MuseScoreSoundfonts folder in my Google Drive.

The two versions of the default FluidR3Mono soundfont are now in a subfolder in MuseScoreSoundfonts.

The links are as follows.......


I hope that ultimately this will make things easier to find.


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If you put all the soundfonts in the same folder on Google Drive then you can just post a shared link to the folder rather than the soundfonts themselves. That way the link will always stay the same - even if you make changes to the soundfonts or upload new ones. Moving the files around won't break the existing links so if they are not currently in the same folder it's not too late to put them in the same folder now.

I do have one question, I know this may have been asked before and I know the quick solution to this but, the snare and cymbal notes are on an the "A" (In Treble) line instead of being placed right on the only line that they are supposed to be placed upon, Ill put a picture. I know I can just edit this out on edit drumset, but im just curious, is that a bug?

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Drumsets are nothing to do with the soundfont, but are defined separately. So they are not part of my remit in maintaining the default soundfont.

The reason for this is that the way staff lines were structured changed at some point in the development of MuseScore 2. Nobody thought, however, to change the default drumset definitions in Instruments.xml to deal with this.

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